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Child at Psychologist

Diagnostic Evaluation

Cognitive and behavioral assessments are key to pinpointing social, behavioral, developmental, and learning difficulties, as well as identifying a child's strengths. 

In an autism evaluation, the psychologist's goal is to gather thorough information about a child's adaptive, behavioral, and intellectual abilities. This is achieved through an in-depth parent interview and an extensive in-person evaluation with the child. 


The autism evaluation closely examines social reciprocity, communication, and evidence of restricted and repetitive behaviors. A diagnosis of autism is determined when the psychologist has identified sufficient deficits in these three areas. 

Following the evaluation, our clinical psychologist shares extensive feedback with parents, detailing any areas of social, behavioral, or learning deficits and providing a diagnosis if identified. 

Our psychologist then works closely with our therapy team to create a treatment plan tailored to each child's developmental needs. An evaluation allows for tailored treatment that directly targets each child's struggles and strengths.

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