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We strive to provide the utmost quality care to our clients. We value expertise, prioritize evidence-based practice, and seize every opportunity to grow, learn, and advance our collective skillset.

Rise Children's Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to support families through each stage of their special needs journey. Our team of ABA, Occupational, and Speech therapists work to help children improve social skills, functional communication, independent living, self regulation, play skills, feeding, and learning strategies.

While we specialize in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), our team and facility are equipped to treat a range of learning & developmental disabilities. With our multi-sensory gym, one-on-one therapy spaces, and group sensory space, our team is ready to challenge, educate, and empower your child to reach their full potential.

We are eager to help our clients both within and beyond the therapy setting, and work closely with parents through education, training, and home modification to ensure each child's success.

Our team is committed to a culture of care, collaboration, dependability, support, and client-centricity.
Read more about each of our team principles below. 

We are committed to supporting each unique child's growth and development through tailored, flexible, and empathetic care. Our clients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do - no exceptions, no excuses. 

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We care deeply for each child we serve. We are a loving, kind, compassionate team committed to making every child's therapy experience comfortable, fun, and inviting. We strive to create a therapeutic environment that feels like home

As a one-stop-shop for developmental support, our team is highly collaborative, leveraging our collective expertise to provide integrative solutions that target each child's unique developmental challenges.

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We are equipped and eager to help families combat the most complex developmental challenges. Our team is committed to providing unwavering, dependable support to each family we serve.

We are committed to empowering parents with the knowledge, resources, guidance, and support to ensure each child's success within and beyond our therapy setting. We strive to serve as trusted partners in each child's developmental journey. 

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