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Physiotherapy Session


Occupational therapy helps children develop daily skills and behaviors for living more autonomously, ultimately improving their quality of life.


The goal of OT is to help children of all ages competently and independently perform tasks related to self-care, learning, and leisure, including: dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, writing, manipulating tools, playing, and socializing. 

Our team of specialists will develop a treatment program for your child that involves:


  • Developing the essential skills for independent living 

  • Discovering alternative ways to accomplish tasks 

  • Modifying the home and/or school environment

  • Leveraging assistive devices and technologies 

  • Managing sensory challenges 

  • Helping your family understand the challenges your child faces and how you can help 


Each treatment program will target a combination of skills, including: fine & gross motor skills, visual perception & cognition, sensory integration, and self care. 


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